About the company and work with us. RUS

The company “Zdorovoe Buduschee” (Healthy Future) is a unique wholesaler of unusual footwear products and accessories of exclusive brands for retail enterprises, wholesales and internet-stores. All brands are promoted by the company with the rights of the Exclusive Distributor for Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan.

Deliveries are arranged both directly from the manufacturing factories and from our consolidating warehouse in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

For it`s clients, the company also works as full scale marketing and advertising agency and renders free support to its customers in the areas of marketing, advertising and PR. We also advertise and promote our products on the end-consumer level.

In logistics, the company uses it`s unique know-hows to facilitate and monitor the orders placed with us, and to provide information on inventories in the warehouses, planned deliveries and new collections.

The company fully complies with all requirements of the legislations of the countries where it operates, pays all taxes and full salaries to its employees, performs open and transparent Customs clearance, provides all necessary certificates and documents to its customers.

The company also provides a remote IT-support to its clients whenever possible, hosts video-training sessions of retailers` personnel on its products, develops and provides POS (point of sale) equipment, arranges it`s work according to 24-hours answering rule to any inquiry, provides all necessary information to its clients via specialized notification e-mail and SMS system. For all brands, the company`s clients can use closed informational portals with all data necessary for successful operations.

According to latest customer satisfaction survey that was carried out by the company among its corporate clients, the level of satisfaction of the company`s departments work averaged 98%.

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Branded accessories and supporting products to Heelys. Broad model line up, good quality. Bring additional sales and support businesses.

Development and manufacturing of the special footwear or special designs of the footwear by orders of corporate customers.